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7 Reasons never to Clean Up Your Fall Garden Gardening By Design 1. Why Work When It Is Cold?

Look, i am exhausted; you are exhausted. So leave the garden alone. Plus it's getting cold out. Do you genuinely wish to be outside working? Isn't there a football game on or some pumpkin-spice latte to savor? Let the garden be for your health that is own and.

Find a landscape designer on HouzzBenjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens 2. Wildlife is Hibernating

Lots and lots of insects and frogs, and who knows exactly what else, are out there in your garden overwintering in leaf litter, on twigs, even yet in the layer that is top of. What happens when you “clean up” the leaves and chop the plants down? You may be tossing out a swallowtail that is black or a mantis egg situation, or stepping on a mourning cloak butterfly.Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens 3. Protect Your Plants

Leaving the perennials standing will help them gather snow. That snow in turn will protect the origins when it gets really cold and additionally include moisture to the soil. That is a win that is double low-maintenance gardening. Besides, is not this image simply gorgeous? Viva snow!Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens 4. Discover a New Dimension

You won't want to miss mornings that are frosty every leaf, stem and seed head is accented with fascinating patterns of silvery shadows — halos of ice and snow that make the garden exquisite. And did you know that a snowflake is a fractal — a mathematical equation — just like coastlines, mountain ranges, trees, sunflowers and even the circulatory system that is human?

Every thing in nature are mapped down with math, and nowhere is that more obvious than with a cold temperatures frost. Just take your kids outside and expose them to a healthier double groan — math and nature.Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens 5. Enjoy New Neighbors

Leaving up your plants welcomes all sorts of wildlife you'd see, even never though they're quite common. One year this sharp-shinned hawk visited because juncos were taking refuge in the garden cover that is thick. The hawk did ultimately nab dinner, but that's OK — the garden was helping everyone else, doing exactly what nature does well and appropriate out of the back door. What a cure for seasonal affective disorder.Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens 6. Also Robin Redbreasts Will Drop By and Shock You

Do you realize you can find robins around in winter? They have a tendency to roost in groups, going about only if thirsty or hungry. A heated birdbath is great, but so are all of those fermenting berries on shrubs and trees. Lots of other songbirds will also be enjoying seeds from standing cover that is perennial too.

Go shopping for birdbaths on HouzzBenjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens 7. Gardens Thrive in All Four Seasons

If the first spring blooms arise, you won't feel like you missed them (as much), because so much was going on in your garden all winter long — leaving the plants up makes winter seem shorter. Those first spring flowers won't seem as much like a relief as a confirmation that a garden never really sleeps, and you'll be seeing that firsthand in all four seasons.Proven Winners Redtwig dogwoods in winterZone4 Landscapes Ltd. “Winter interest” is a landscape term that means there's something beautiful to look at during the cold season. Frequently, which means grasses or redtwig dogwoods, but any perennial that is old do. Winter interest isn't just for us, though; it's for birds, butterflies, frogs and soil microbes munching on leaves and making the garden healthier for summer. A lot will be going on it this winter if you leave the garden up until a spring cut-down — get out there and enjoy!

Tell us: how can you help processes that are natural your garden all year long? What gives you the winter interest that is greatest?

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