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Delightful Metal wall accents bedroom modern with blue wall side table blue wall

Marvelous Metal wall accents bedroom modern with throw pillows studio apartment modern furniture

7 Soothing Spaces_ How to Use colors to Create Calm in the home The Homestead Shop Inc. Jennifer Ott Design This space showcases a number of my favorite soft and relaxing hues for bedrooms: a light sea-glass green, a hot gray and an blue that is ethereal. Any of these would work well as a main wall color; merely mix in one single or higher associated with other hues for a soft and pleasing punch of color. White linens are clean and classic, but it's nice to add pillows, art and accessories in colors from the palette. Keep the room free of excessive clutter and you'll have a stress-zapping bedroom sanctuary.

Test palette: Get a look that is similar White Clover, Turtle Dove and Tinsel, all from PPG Pittsburgh Paints.VOH Architects Most bathrooms have one small window, or no windows at all, which can make an already small space feel even more confined. If this is the full case in your house, think about utilizing color to lighten things up. I like to choose 2 or 3 tones of my plumped for hue and use the darkest color sparingly, and preferably near the lower areas of the room, then go lighter as I work my way up toward the ceiling. This makes the room feel more open, expansive and light-filled, and can help start the day on a cheerful note.Jennifer Ott Design Sample palette: Get the same appearance with Pearl Onion, Celery and Ryegrass, all from Sherwin-Williams.Erica Broberg Smith Architect PLLC Jennifer Ott Design Soothing color need not be limited by light and wispy shades. But I recommend sticking to those on the cooler side of the color wheel: greens, blues and purples if you go with bolder hues. These hues that are cool along side grey tones, have been demonstrated to help reduced hypertension and are also associated with remainder and leisure. You can punch the palette up with a small accent of a warmer hue, such as the shocking yellow-green here, via a painted accent area or art and add-ons.

Test palette: Get a look that is similar Bon Voyage, Rain Washed and Carolina Parakeet, all from Behr.Farrell and Sons, LLC Jennifer Ott Design Take the stress out of selecting paint colors for a bathroom by pulling a favorite hue or hues from your tile. The cabinet color here is an excellent selection. Paired with a good amount of white, it looks crisp and clean contrary to the stone.

Sample palette: Get the same appearance with Belle Grove Spruce, Tropical Bay and Brown Buzz, all from Valspar.PORCELANOSA Group Jennifer Ott Design If all these cool color palettes are causing you to be cold, here is a typical example of a warmer palette that maintains a relaxed vibe. In bedrooms I like to make the headboard wall a focal point by covering it in an interesting material or color. This space features a brick wall, you could get a look that is similar reclaimed wood or, even easier, the right shade of paint. Contrast the hot hues with a soothing wash of light gray regarding the remaining three walls.

Test palette: Get the same appearance with Hale Orange, Perspective and Coventry Gray, all from Benjamin Moore.Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors we've joked within the past about waging a one-woman battle against beige, but in all seriousness, as you wish, without a care as to what anyone else thinks if you love beige you should absolutely decorate your house in it. For those who want to move beyond beige without straying too far, a medium tan shade can be a powerful way to get a little more oomph. It is much more dramatic than light beige and looks great with just about any other color — including other brown tones, such as the dark tobacco-stained wood in this bathroom. Keep the ceiling a warm shade of white to lighten and brighten the room.Jennifer Ott Design Sample palette: Get a similar look with Alabaster, Favorite Tan and Brazilnut wood stain, all from Sherwin-Williams.Thomas Rex Hardy, AIA Using color is one of the best ways to highlight interesting architecture. This bathroom is in no way a sizable, light-filled room, therefore it could have been tempting to stick to an all-white palette, however the interesting angles could have been lost. And even though this might be a rather bold shade of blue, this has a good amount of grey in it, so it doesn't feel heavy or overly bright. Mix in other light neutral shades and perhaps a dash or two of color via linens and accessories, as shown here.Jennifer Ott Design Sample palette: Get a look that is similar Silvery Moon, Buxton Blue and Paper White, all from Benjamin Moore.

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